Ika-6 na Utos Pinoy TV Show Story

Ika 6 na Utos is GMA generation appear in which there are two fundamental characters “Rome and Emma”. Both are infatuated with each other and they needed to wed. Emma was a became flushed young lady who carries on with her life and appreciate the excellence of nature. Rome needs her since they both are infatuated with one an other. After a long story they wedded and afterward lived so cheerfully.

In Start, Rome’s mom disliked that he could wed with Emma and afterward Rome battles with everybody to get this going. After so much battle he at long last gets Emma as her significant other. In any case, they couldn’t live so long like that in view of a few debate and a young lady Georgea.

Rome and Emma cuts of their way and begins to live alone. Rome was a pilot and he concentrated on his vocation and Emma was a house young lady who began to deal with his family.

Georgia was an attractive woman who was an inside originator by calling and she in the end meets with Rome and influence him to feel that she adores him. This story moves around this circle and they at long last get hitched. Georgia prevail in her diversion by making Rome as her significant other in light of the fact that she urgently needed him as her accomplice.

Emma and Rome was a sweet couple which is isolated by the being a tease woman Georgia and now we need to see tha how this relationship proceeds and how far this dramatization proceeds. Will this relationship makes’ Emma extremely upset or not?

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